Notice of blog relocation

Thank you for reading.

Since the homepage of the Furihata Architectural Design Office was renewed, this blog was relocated to the new homepage.

The new homepage and English page.

I will continue to introduce the days of the office from now on, I look forward to your continued support indeed.

Weeping cherry tree at the mountain temple

The cherry blossom season is over. As you all know, Shinshu is high in altitude and many cherry blossoms are dotted in the foot of the mountain. So you can enjoy cherry blossoms for a long time.


The cherry blossoms in Matsumoto castle have already gone, but the cherry blossoms at the foot of the mountain are now in full bloom. Matsumoto, Azumino area, there are many cherry blossoms blooming on the slopes of the mountain, especially the weeping cherry blossoms, so please be sure to visit them.

To the end of February, a warm day continues, unexpectedly. Spring is just around the corner.  It is plum taken from my house this morning. Buds are swelling.


On Thursday the 23rd was a radio appearance of Furihata successfully ended. Every time I think that there is a duplicate talk in Japanese traditional culture and housing talk, but it was very popular. Thank you FM Matsumoto (79.1)!

Clear air

It was the coldest morning in this season. It was -10 ℃ in Matsumoto / Azumino. It gradually cold from January 20 of the coldest day in winter, it seems to be a cold peak this morning.

It was sunny from morning, the North Alps was red in the morning sun. The northern Alps seen from the office was also dignified in the clear air under the clear sky.


It is a very beautiful scenery that clearly understands the outline of the mountain, and further understands each stereoscopic effect by snow makeup. I think that this is a scenery that can be seen only during this period. Matsumoto / Azumino in winter is cold, but the flat land has few snow, the air is also clear and very pure. Please come and visit Matsumoto / Azumino everyone.

About radio broadcasting

Currently,  Chief Furihata performs at FM Matsumoto (79.1) every Thursday from 8: 15 to 8:30 (15 minutes) in the morning.

I have to inform to those who are looking forward listening the broadcast every time. On the 29th tomorrow the radio will take a break and the new year broadcasting will start from January 5th. Next time you may be able to hear a special story about the New Year.


In next year he will also talk about the climate culture, customs, traditions that are mainly behind Japan’s residence. Wish you a happy new year!